Sale and long-term lease of lifting equipment

Mobile cranes

We offer mobile cranes with a lifting capacity from 100 tons to 750 tons, highly maneuverable, equipped with a telescopic boom and hydraulic boom extension, which ensure perfect performance of work in areas with restricted conditions.

Tower cranes

We offer tower cranes with a lifting capacity from 12 tons to 120 tons:

  • for high-rise and industrial construction
  • equipped with a lifting boom and movable ballast for handling heavy loads up to 120 tons.

Crawler cranes

We offer crawler cranes with lifting capacity from 160 tons to 1350 tons manufactured by Liebherr and Demag, leaders in the lifting industry. Crawler cranes are the right solution for civil construction, wind power, chemical and metallurgical industries when heavy lifting is required in the frames of a long-term project.

Gantry cranes

We offer gantry cranes from well-known European manufacturers with a maximum lifting capacity of 200-250, 400, 600 tons. Gantry cranes are widely used for lifting and moving heavy and oversized cargo along rails at shipyards, energy facilities, warehouses of large enterprises, as well as for the construction of tunnels and subways.

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