Ukraine joined the European Green Deal initiative in 2020 and made the decision to transition to electric steel making, aiming to replace carbon-intensive blast furnace and converter divisions in the steel market.

Consequently, after the end of the war in Ukraine, vivid construction of Small Steel Plants (SSP) is expected as part of a strategy to minimize economic and environmental costs.

Our company is ready to participate in the construction of SSP within the framework of an EPCM contract during the design stage, offering appropriate lifting equipment and transport vehicles for oversized and heavy-duty lifting, moving and transportation. Additionally, we ensure the execution of construction, installation, and welding works at the site during the implementation of metallurgical projects such as:

Construction of Small Steel Plants

To facilitate the construction of SSPs, we provide modern mobile cranes with telescopic booms, crawler cranes, and modular transporters such as SPMT.

With these advancements, Ukraine is taking significant steps towards a greener future, promoting sustainable steel production and reducing its environmental impact.

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